17 Apr 2023

Why attend:

  • Are you looking for potential interns to host them in your organisation?
  • As a master student searching for an internship position?

What you can expect:

  • RIS-Internship programme presentation and application process guideline
  • Presentation of best practices and experiences from mentors and students
  • Possibility for a short presentation  - elevator pitch (1 slide – for host organisations and students)!
  • Interactive matchmaking


Time (CEST) Description
15.00-15.05 Introduction to the matchmaking event

RIS-Internship programme presentation

Online platform for application;  Instructions and demonstration of the process

15.45-16.15 Presentation of good practices; testimonials from organisations (mentors) and students
16.15-16.45 Short presentations of companies & students (interactive matchmaking) *
16.45 Conclusion remarks

*Interactive matchmaking is on a voluntary basis, if you would like to present yourself or your organisation shortly, you will be given a floor (you can prepare 1-2 slides). Nevertheless, if you would not like to do that at the event itself, you can send the ppt to: info@ris-internship.eu and will be shared will all attendees.

More information is available here

Link to join the event:


Meeting ID: 834 5869 2291

Passcode: 590998


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