ADRIATHON welcomes students!

2 Aug 2021
ADRIATHON is designed as a competition in a digital environment to develop innovative solutions for the activation of the Waste Exchange Market run by the Croatian Chamber of Economy. ADRIATHON will take place on 16th-17th September with three preparatory webinars before the hackathon. The targeted number of the ADRIATHON participants is 28, organized in interdisciplinary times of four people. Given the nature of the challenges posed, the aim is to include experts, researchers and students.

A perfect ADRIATHON participant is:

  • Interested in problems of waste management in the raw materials sector
  • Willing and able to participate in a solution – oriented teamwork
  • Eager to acquire new knowledge related to the circular economy
  • Able to work constructively within a short deadline
  • Consistency and healthy competitive spirit
  • Interested in marketing and strategies of initiating behavioural and social change
  • Able to independently use the computer for communication and content development purposes
  • Innovative and creative in problem solving
  • Eager to face new professional challenges.

If you recognise yourself or a collegue: find out more, spread the word and/or apply to participate


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