Amendment to the Call for Students - fees increased to 800 € from cross CLC mobility

6 Jun 2023

Dear RIS Internship candidates,

We have an important announcement related to the Call for students for 2023. Namely, the maximum category of Internship fees has been increased to 800 EUR for cross-CLC mobility. Meaning, students from ADRIA Region and East European countries that match with organisations from Spain, Italy or Portugal for an Internship, will receive an 800 EUR fee per month of internship implementation. The same goes vice versa for students from Spain, Italy or Portugal and organisations from ADRIA Region and East European countries. In this manner, the entire call for applications for students and organisations to the RIS Internship programme will be extended until 10th November 2023, to ensure enough time for this amendment to be perceived.

Before applying to our programme, please read the entire Call which includes the Eligibility Criteria. Adding this new category and extending the call the eligibility check will be more strict, meaning you will only get one chance to improve your application to fit the criteria.


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