Important notice for organisations from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania!

10 May 2021
Since 2019, ADRIA Internship Programme has matched students and organisations from the ADRIA region, encompassing Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia. The organisations from these countries have been recruited as Task Partners, signing a Collaboration Agreement with the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering. However, it seems that 2021 brought some changes, besides welcoming Italy.

Our internship programme is run as an EIT RIS programme. RIS stands for Regional Innovation Scheme, designed for modest and moderate innovators countries (according to the European Innovation Scoreboard), and where EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities have few or no partners. As a consequence, all countries participating in the internship programme have to be from the list of EIT RIS-eligible countries. For 2021-2024, EIT published a new list, excluding Albania (AL) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA).

Although the students and organisations from these countries can still apply and participate as Interns and host-organisations, the organisations will have no right to receive financial compensation. Therefore, until we get further instructions from EIT, we will still be awarding internships and scholarships to the students from BA and AL universities, but the organisations from these countries are warned that financial compensation for admitting interns is no longer eligible, until further notice.

We sincerely hope it will not significantly impact the willingness of the organisations to participate.


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