Meet the Interns: Dragana Mirošljević

17 Apr 2021
Dragana was our 2019 and 2020 Intern, implementing the internship as a master’s student of chemistry at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Banja Luka. We were extremely happy to have her two years in a row, witnessing her professional approach, reliability, and developed communication skills. We also were very much interested in her perspective on the Programme and her future plans.

Dear Dragana, thank you for this interview. Could you tell us how you learned about the ADRIA Internship Programme?

My professors got the information when they attended ADRIA Innovation Day in Portorož, Slovenia.

As mentioned before, we had the privilege to award you the internship two years in a row. Could you compare the experiences in 2019 with 2020?

From this point of view, second year was more relaxed in terms of adjustment. I was feeling more comfortable in the laboratory and around devices, which made everything easier. On the other hand, responsibilities and expectations were higher, which was expected.

As a student, did you have any difficulties in adjusting to the real-life working environment and culture?

It was difficult to change the mindset from the university environment, where we were all working together and in the same direction, to the place where everybody had his/her own obligations and very little time for helping others. Also, to be completely honest, it took some time to adjust to waking up at 5:30. But these adjustments were also a challenge which made it interesting and fun.

What would you highlight as the greatest benefits of attending the internship?

Experimental work is always beneficial. It makes all the difference in the learning process. But, apart from that, I would say that being a part of a real company, seeing and feeling how things operate in the real sector is something that we do not have much chance to experience. And it is something that is going to help us in the years to come.

What would be your recommendations to the Internship programme managers, supervisors and students?

I have to say that the programme concept is great. And because of that, I am afraid that I cannot give any universal advice, but for students to be thorough and committed. And for mentors to be patient. But, I believe that depends on the person and their character. 

What are your professional plans for the future (in 2020)?

Right now, I have two exams to pass and I have to finish experimental work. So, I am focusing on that.

After that, when I get a master's degree… Who knows? The possibilities are endless.

We honestly do believe that for Dragana the possibilities are endless and we'll be happy to witness her success. Good luck!


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