Meet the Interns: Ema Vokić

21 Mar 2023

Ema Vokić is one of the top three students who immediately joined our RIS Internship programme, right from the very start of the open call in February 2023. She is currently attending second year of master study programme - Geology of Mineral Resources and Geophysical Explorations - at Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering in Zagreb. Her 1st choice organisation was Eastern Mining d.o.o. (Vareš) since she is passionate about the exploration of ore deposits. You can read about her experience below.

What were your expectations when you entered the internship programme and have they been successfully met?

My expectations of the internship programme have been successfully fulfilled. I had set out to achieve several goals during my time here. Firstly, I expected to learn new skills and gain practical experience. Through various assignments, I have improved my knowledge in different areas. Secondly, I hoped to broaden my network by meeting new people and building connections. The internship has allowed me to work alongside professionals in the field and establish valuable relationships with colleagues. Thirdly, I was looking forward to receiving feedback on my performance. I believe that constructive criticism is essential to improving oneself. Lastly, I expected to be given specific tasks and responsibilities during my internship. I understand the importance of taking these responsibilities seriously, so I have worked diligently to complete each task to the best of my ability.

How did you learn about the RIS Internship Programme?

I learned about the RIS Internship Programme from my mentor and on the programme website.

What impacted your decision to apply for a company abroad?

The field of my interest is the exploration of hydrothermal ore deposits, so I was looking for a company working on such a project.

How would you describe your experience of working under supervision? Do you think that the collaboration with the industrial supervisor from the company taught you something that was not included in your studies? What would you highlight as the most important „lessons“ and skills acquired?

In a supervised work environment, the supervisor provides you with specific instructions or procedures to follow, monitors your work to ensure it meets the required standards, and offers feedback on your performance. Collaboration with an industrial supervisor from a company is a valuable experience for students. The supervisor has provided me with insights into the practical applications of the concepts taught by the faculty, as well as teaching me new skills that may not have been included in my academic studies.

The practical application of previously acquired knowledge in solving problems independently is the most important skill I have gained through the internship programme. In addition, it is important to be open to receiving feedback and be willing to take direction to develop your skills and knowledge.

Did the internship implementation have any negative impacts on your faculty obligations? How do you imagine the further course of your career development process?

The internship did not have a negative impact on my education. It helped me to better understand some of the course material that I am currently attending. After completing my Master's, I plan to enrol in a Postgraduate study program focused on the research of hydrothermal ore deposits.

Was the initial administrative procedure complicated and how easy/quick was to choose a host organisation?

The initial administrative procedure was easy to follow through the steps on the programme website and it was quick to choose a host organisation.

What would be your recommendations to the future applicants of the RIS Internship programme?

Recommendations to the future applicants of the RIS Internship programme are to find a company that is working in the field of their interest so they can gain additional knowledge and practical experience and be open to receiving feedback from their supervisor.

Where do you see yourself professionally in the next 3-5 years?

After I finish my Postgraduate study programme, I see myself working as a consulting geologist in the exploration of ore deposits and the mining industry or as a professor at the faculty.


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