Meet the Interns: Ivan Vujević

21 Mar 2023

Ivan Vujević is a graduate student at the University of Liege, and also one of the first applicants to join our RIS Internship programme in 2023. Currently, he is enrolled in the EIT Labelled master study programme (EMERALD), but he obtained his bachelor`s degree at the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering in Zagreb. Together with the student Ema Vokić, he chose the Eastern Mining organisation as his first option for internship implementation. His main drivers were gaining practical skills in ore geology and stepping into the unknown areas. If you want to hear more, read the short interview below.

What were your expectations when you entered the internship programme and have they been successfully met?

I entered the internship programme with the goal to learn and acquire first-hand experience of how a mining company works, and what are the expectations of a junior exploration geologist, when he arrives at his job. Through this internship, I not only achieved my goals but gained so much more in terms of practical, social and technical skills. Not to mention the networking and contacts created throughout this programme.

How did you learn about the RIS-Internship Programme?

I learned about the ADRIA Internship Programme through my co-supervisor, prof. Sibila Borojević Šoštarić. She introduced me to the programme and explained a bit of technicalities.

What impacted your decision to apply for a company abroad?

The reason I chose a company outside my home country is the peculiarity of the geology related with the Rupice deposit in Bosnia and Herzegovina. As a geologist, I tend to find interesting and unknown things very attractive, and although it is also a big challenge to work on something new and undefined completely, there is a lot of beauty in that and room to discover new things.

How would you describe your experience of working under supervision? Do you think that the collaboration with the industrial supervisor from the company taught you something that was not included in your studies? What would you highlight as the most important „lessons“ and skills acquired?

The supervisor that I got gave me valuable input on how the company works, starting from the hierarchy, up to the division of workload. The practical skills when it comes to core- logging, analysing the data and putting the mapping data in the database is something that I have personally never been shown how to do in my studies. As a young professional seeking a job in the industry these skills are highly valuable for any position.

Did the internship implementation have any negative impacts on your faculty obligations? How do you imagine the further course of your career development process?

Not really. As I am in my last semester of studies, besides my internship I don’t have any obligation towards my faculty. This internship is a part of my master thesis, so the necessary data and knowledge are going to be put for a nice thesis (I hope). After graduating, I see myself expanding my knowledge in a specific subject, doing a PhD. After finishing the PhD, there are a lot of possibilities, one of which may be to work as a consultant for the mining industry.

Was the initial administrative procedure complicated and how easy/quick was to choose a host organisation?

It was easy to acquire the necessary documents, as well as to apply to the internship. Everything was straightforward and well explained, step-by-step.

What would be your recommendations to the future applicants of the RIS Internship programme?

Not to be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and do something interesting. Even if it is outside of your home country, the experience, knowledge, and people you’ve met is a thing to remember for your lifetime. It will set you on the right foot towards your future career goals.

Where do you see yourself professionally in the next 3-5 years?

I see myself doing a PhD in a topic that interests me a lot, and that is Ore Geology. After finishing my PhD, I would like to teach, as well as maybe provide consulting services for the mining industry.


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