Meet the Interns: Karlo Weiser

26 Apr 2021
When compared to 2019, 2020 witnessed an increase in the number of Croatian students participating in the programme. One of them is Mr Karlo Weiser, who was at a time a student of a master’s study programme in Mining Engineering at the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering (University of Zagreb). Karlo also won the Rector's Award and is an enthusiastic participant of many different educational activities organised by the Faculty.

Karlo's interests and ambitions are aimed towards management skills, optimization processes and recognition of innovations, and here is what he told us about how the experience of being an intern helped in following these goals.

What were the key motives to apply for the ADRIA Internship?

There are a couple of reasons that made me want to apply for the ADRIA Internship. For starters, I wanted to see and compare the difference between my academic knowledge and its application in real conditions, mostly to learn which skills I need to give more attention to. Aside from that, I also wanted to gain some experience before going on the market as a mining engineer and meet new professionals.

Was it difficult to balance your faculty obligations and those generated by the internship implementation?

Fortunately for me, no. Due to the COVID-19 situation, I've decided to take an additional semester to write and defend my Master's thesis. It was during this semester that I participated in the ADRIA Internship, so it was quite easy to coordinate between my obligations.

What would you highlight as the most valuable experience gained through the internship?

The most valuable experience by far was getting thoroughly introduced to Croatia's Mining Law and other legal regulations concerning the mining industry in the country. More specifically, I was taught how to understand, interpret and navigate through them. It's the least represented aspect of a mining engineer's job during studies, yet without it, we can't conduct any business in Croatia.

What were the tasks that you participated in during your stay in the host-organisation? How helpful was the mentor/supervisor?

I think the best description of my tasks is assistant to the project manager. I helped my mentor, Pero Ruso of Colas Mineral d.o.o., prepare the necessary documents and requests for the expansion of the exploitation field Hrastvoljan. Other tasks included conducting market research and comparison of Colas Mineral's production and sales to their competition to analyze their position on the market and to consider possible expansion to other counties in Croatia. During my whole internship, my mentor was always ready to help, assist or consult me during my tasks. The entire companies’ staff was welcoming, so my stay was more than pleasant.

Could you tell us something about your professional plans and objectives in the next few years?

I'm currently applying for positions as an operational manager, project manager, or sales engineer in a mining-related company. Aside from that, I'm working on a project with several faculty colleagues to develop a mine emergency rescue navigation system. All in all, I'm certain the following years are going to be both exciting and interesting.

Thank you Karlo, we wish you luck in the forthcoming challenges and hope your dream job is just behind the corner!


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