Meet the Interns: Marko Sinčić

27 Apr 2021
It was a great pleasure to hear the impressions of Mr Marko Sinčić, who joined the ADRIA Internship Programme as a student of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology in 2019, but is now our colleague at the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering. It seems that Marko had an exciting two years in the meantime and we were happy to find out about his memories of the internship but also about his current endeavors.

Let's start with an important question: how difficult was it to balance between your faculty obligations and those generated by the internship implementation?

For me personally it wasn’t difficult at all because I had passed all my exams before the Internship. The Internship obligations took a lot of my time, specially since I was abroad, but as my only obligation with the Faculty was finishing my thesis, I was able to manage both. However, I believe it can be difficult to balance the two for students who still have exams and/or lectures. However, with proper communication with the Faculty professors it shoudn’t be a deal breaker to refuse an Internship opportunity.

Was the initial administrative procedure complicated and how easy/quick was to find a host organisation?

The procedure wasn’t complicated and each of the needed paperwork documents had its reason to be there. I was able to acquire most of them online or at my Faculty quickly, and the organisation team was happy to help with any questions I had. There were some difficulties finding a host organization but that resulted in finding the best one which suited me personally, so it was definitely worth the wait. I’m glad the selection wasn’t done in a hurry because it could have resulted in a host-organisation which didn’t suit my interests.

What were the key motives to apply for the ADRIA Internship?

As a graduate student writing my Master’s thesis I wanted to acquire new knowledge and get practical experience in my field of studies. From the start, ADRIA Internship seemed like the right path to take and I wasn’t wrong. A variety of options, possibilities to go abroad, covered expenses and a serious organisation team behind the application process were the key factor to apply.

What were the tasks that you participated in during your stay in the host-organisation? How helpful was the mentor/supervisor?

I was participating in all the activities of the host-organisation including writing reports, lab work, field work and the paperwork. I’m most glad with the amount of field work tasks and the variety of them I was able to attend. At all stages of work my mentor and the rest of the employees at the host-organisation were most helpful and welcomed me better than I could imagine. I learned how to work in a team and as an individual with proper mentor supervision, and doing so for the tasks from the job market. I was able to improve my skills effectively and actively participate in the daily tasks and I can only regret it didn’t last longer!

Could you tell us something about your current position and plans for the future? Do you think that being an ADRIA  intern has helped you in any way?Could you tell us something about your current position and plans for the future? Do you think that being an ADRIA  intern has helped you in any way?

Currently I’m employed at the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering in Zagreb, within the program DOK-2020-01-2432 “Project of Junior Researchers’ career development – education of new PhD fellows” of the Croatian Science Foundation as a Junior Researcher – Assistant, PhD fellow on the project IP-2019-04-9900 “Methodology development for landslide susceptibility assessment for land-use planning based on LiDAR technology”. ADRIA internship helped me enclose my Graduate studies with unique practical experience after which I continued my education on PhD studies which I intend to finish in the coming years, while working on a research project continuing my research regarding landslides.

Thank you Marko for finding some time to talk to us. We wish you good luck in ongoing and future research projects and are eager to learn the results!


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