Meet the Interns: Mirsada Hasanbašić

29 Apr 2021
Here is what Mirsada told us in 2019: “ADRIA Internship is a great opportunity to gain work experience and develop work related skills and habits. We can learn through practice from experts who have been in business for a long time and are able to guide us. Also, we meet persons who can help us in our future jobs. Students can apply the theories in practice, develop their communication skills, skills of rational thinking and grow a sense of teamwork and responsibility."

After joining us again as an intern in 2020, during the period of dynamic social and personal changes, she was kind enough to give a short but concrete interwiev about her experiences.

To begin with, our usual question - how did you learn about ADRIA Internship programme in 2019?

Professor at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica (BIH) told me about it.

As an ADRA Intern, you worked in two different organisations. Was it difficult to adjust to the different environments and working culture?

It is true that these two organisations have totally different work processes, but the supervisors and the employees in both company were great and helped me, so there were no greater difficulties.

What would you highlight as the greatest benefits of attending the Internship?

I would highlight an opportunity to gain experience in the areas in which we have interest. Also we had a chance to get to know how to behave in work communities etc.

What would be your recommendations to the Internship programme managers, supervisors and students?

It is most useful for students to do internships in companies that deal with what the student is interested in. The best way students can learn is if supervisor showed them how to do something, but then allowed the student to independently work on it, even if it sometimes requires a bit of struggling.

What are your professional plans for the future?

I would like to work in waste management and recycling sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since the waste management sector constantly faces new challenges, we expect Mirsada as a young mechanical engineer, to have her wish granted! Good luck, Mirsada!


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