Meet the Interns: Vlaho Pržić

7 Oct 2021
Vlaho now holds a Master's Degree in Mining Engineering, but already during his studies at the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering in Zagreb, he believed that every opportunity to make progress in his profession should be grabbed. Eager to learn from experienced engineers, to work diligently on assignments and to meet new people, Vlaho was one of our successful interns and has gladly answered our questions.

What were your expectations when you entered the internship programme and have they been sucessfully met?

Experience. That’s all I expected from this internship program. But luckily, I got a lot more. Friendship and fond memories are also what I brought with me from the internship. Well a program like  itself is good, but maybe the only thing that could be improved, in my opinion, is promotion. Because I think many students don’t  know about this great opportunity.

You were one of the rare students that chose to have an international ADRIA Internship in 2021. What impacted your decision to apply for a company abroad?

I wanted to go abroad because one day I hope to work in a firm where my job will consist of traveling the world. The second reason is that I love underground mines and they are a bigger challenge for me. So after seeing Rudnik i Flotacija d.o.o.  has an open place for an internship I decided to go to Serbia.

How would you describe your experience of working under supervision? Do you think that the collaboration with the industrial supervisor from the company taught you something that was not included in your studies? What would you higlight as the most important „lessons“ and skills acquired?

It was a pretty good experience. Because all the supervisors in the industry who have spent many years in their work could give trainees some valuable lessons that you can’t learn from a book. There are some problems that cannot be solved by something involved in the studies but the solution to the problem lies in the supervisor’s experience so this is a reason to work with them. From my experience, what I could highlight  is how details are very important and there is nothing that can't be done.

You have just acquired your master's degree a few days ago, congratulations! It seems that the implementation of the internship coincided with the preparation of your thesis. What were the challenges you faced by handling these two obligations simoultaneously? If you had the opportunity to repeat the experience would you organise your time in the last few months differently?

Thank you very much. Well, there weren’t any challenges because there was a lot of help from my mentor and also understanding from my supervisor. So everything went smoothly with my master thesis preparation. Only thing that I would change if I could repeat these two months is to go on an internship by car how could I travel more though Serbia and visit more places.

How do you imagine the further course of your career development process?

Hard question. I hope to get some work as soon as possible and to travel a lot with that business and gain valuable experience.

We recommend Vlaho as an employee and hope his wishes come true! Sretno!


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