New organisations in RIS-Internship pool waiting for students!

6 Jun 2023

The number of new companies in our Pool is continuously growing! Currently, 84 organisations are offering their internship positions in the raw materials sector. In the last month, we welcomed 6 new companies in our programme:

  • NEXE d.d. and Holcim d.o.o. from Croatia,
  • GEO EXPLORATION LTD from an office in Italy,
  • Re Alloys SP.z.o.o. from Poland,
  • Calamites KFT from Hungary,
  • Institute of Chemical Technology (UPV-CSIC) from Spain and
  • Spanish National Research Council (IGEO).

Check their profile descriptions and more information about their internship offerings in our Pool of organisations.

Pass by our participant's corner to read everything you need to know about the successful internship implementation.


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