Report on the potential Task Partners applied until 15th of March

21 Mar 2020

Dear representatives of organisations, thank you once again for submitting your applications!

Until today we have received a total of 8 applications, from different types of organisations in the region. However, from eight countries included in the ADRIA programme, applications arrived only from three of them: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Therefore, we invite potential Task Partners from other parts of the region to apply in the 2nd round (open until the 1st of June 2020).

Most represented are the businesses, with only two research institutions.

Eight applied potential Task Partners offered to host a total of 15 interns, which matches the number of students’ applications! We hope the matching would be equally successful.

All the applied organisations will be individually informed about further steps. The results of the matching process will be published on this website, LinkedIn ( and Facebook (2020 ADRIA Internship Programme) in the following days. Follow the updates!


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