RIS Internship 8th Matchmaking event – Spain and Italy successfully completed

16 Jun 2023

On 14th June, a joint Spain and Italy Matchmaking event was organised by RIS Internship project partners: Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and the National Research Council of Italy (CNR). All together 9 organisations from Spain and one from Italy, presented their best working practices, research projects, and which type of candidates they expect for the common internship implementation. Several students-organisations matches occurred in terms of separate online meetings. Participating organisations for matchmaking were: Geo Exploration Ltd., IGME-CSIC, CSIC-ICMS, and CENTRO TECNOLÓGICO DEL MARMOL, PIEDRA Y MATERIALES.

Students were satisfied with the excellent presentations and choices of organisations and after the event, the number of applications opting for Spanish organisations increased. Several internships were created prior to the event, thus this was another opportunity for those students to agree on additional details with the host organisation`s representatives.

All presentations are visible on this link. Recording can be downloaded from


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