RIS Internship project successful kick-off

28 Feb 2022

Although the work on RIS Internship started almost a year ago, on the 16th of February 2022, we also launched the project officially. An online kick-off meeting was held with a starting point that despite being ambitious, the project consortium will not step away from the high-quality standards set in the proposal. For that purpose, the Quality Assurance Strategy for the RIS Internship Programme is already being finalized, aiming to result in a competitive and sustainable internship programme that benefits students and businesses in the RIS region.

The consortium partners are all institutions already experienced in managing international internships and their implementation. Nevertheless, the exceptional geographic coverage of the RIS Internship Programme and its focus on the Raw Materials strategy provide new challenges and opportunities to improve what is already in place. By the end of 2024, RIS Internship Programme will match at least 367 students with 300 companies, thus increasing students' entrepreneurial and business skills, broadening the University-Business Cooperation, boosting the employment of the graduates within the hosting organizations, and leveraging the regional brain drain. Follow our progress!


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