RIS Internship Workshop for Students: how to prepare a successful internship application 3/7/2023 15.00-17.00 CEST

6 Jun 2023

Dear Students!

Before the peak of the summer holidays (and autumn internship season), we are providing a detailed online workshop with career-boosting information:

  1. How to improve your resume?
  2. How to improve your motivation letter?
  3. What are the most common mistakes when applying for the RIS Internship programme?
  4. How to present yourself in the best possible manner for your future career?

There will be as well a space for discussion and all your questions. Apply here.

The workshop will be held on 3rd July from 15.00h to 17.00h (CET). The meeting link will be sent to you after the registration.

The workshop is aimed at master-level students currently studying in the raw materials-related programmes in RIS countries (check the map here: https://www.ris-internship.eu/)  since those are the main Eligibility Criteria of our programme. All other criteria for joining our programme are written in the Call for students: https://application.ris-internship.eu/apply-now/ 


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