Student’s Guide for a Successful RIS Internship

16 May 2023

This guide aims to provide pre-internship training to interns before completing an efficient and successful internship. They usually have no or little experience with industrial practices, occupational health and safety, and environmental requirements.

The guide will help  interns to prepare and effectively participate in the internship by:

• preparing for achieving targeted intended learning outcomes,

• preparing for the acquisition of soft and social skills and competencies during the internship,

• demonstrating expected standards of behaviour at the internship site, • applying health and safety requirements in the workplace at the internship site,

• describing and follow the environmental and ethical standards,

• applying proposed solutions to resolve conflicts, • dealing with cross-cultural differences during an internship abroad,

• applying appropriate time management during internship and preparation period,

• analysing reliable options for appropriate decision making.

Read the complete guide here


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