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27 Feb 2022

The website for the RIS Internship programme is finally open! It is designed to support the implementation of the internship programme from the moment we open the calls, until the submission of the final reports by the interns. The website serves as the Business / Intern Matching Platform, thus enabling the students to find the most suitable hosting organisation an apply for internship.

RIS Internship website provides instructions on how to apply and what to expect after, both for students and organisations. In the Legacy section you can read more about the previously carried out pilot programme and the impressions of previous participants. Once you apply and we confirm your eligibility for the Programme, you can benefit from the contents of the Participants’ corner, a section enabling easy access to documents, training, and administrative support during the implementation of your internship. This is also a section enabling the submission of reports and surveys at the end of each individual internship.

The purpose of the website is to make the RIS Internship Programme accessible, transparent, and easy to implement. We hope that it will match your expectations, but you can always turn to us for additional information and assistance!


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