AD HARBI d.o.o.

AD HARBI d.o.o.

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

The company was founded in 1981. After the last adjustment, the core activity of the company is mining. The current number of employees is 20.

Mineral resources are exploited in the Parsovići deposit, Konjic municipality. The basic raw material is purple, gray and white pyrophyllite shale, from which micronized pyrophyllite is obtained by technological processes.

Geological research and mining works at the site, as well as chemical and other tests of ore quality show that the narrow location contains large reserves of quality ore, unique in the world.

Mineral research is carried out in renowned institutions from BiH and the surrounding area, of which we would single out: Universities of Salerno (Italy), Sorbonne (France), Istanbul (Turkey), Krakow (Poland), Belgrade (Serbia), Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Tuzla and Mostar (BiH), and the Slovak Academy of Sciences Košice, Institute for Technology of Nuclear and Other Mineral Raw Materials-ITNMS (Serbia), Institute of Nuclear Sciences Vična (Serbia), Institute of Physics (Serbia), Institute of Soil (Serbia), Institute for Pesticides and Environmental Protection (Serbia), Institute for Applied Science in Agriculture (Serbia), Ruđer Bošković Institute (Croatia), Institute of Metrology (BiH), Institute for Agriculture Sarajevo, Federal Institute for Agropedology Sarajevo and many others.

Internship possibilities

Current number of active applications
  • March 2022
  • April 2022
  • May 2022
  • June 2022
  • July 2022
  • August 2022
  • September 2022
  • October 2022
  • November 2022
  • 3 months
Internship location
Tvornička br.3, Ilidža, Sarajevo, Parsovići, Konjic
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Field work
Laboratory work
Required equipment
No, but if they prefer, students can use their own equipment.
Required education
  • mining
  • geology
  • ecology/biology
  • chemistry
  • waste management
Required skills and competences
Well developed computer skills and a good command of English.
Participation in all projects related to application research of pyrophyllite in different industries.
Current projects: production of batteries for electric vehicles, recycling of metals from Li-ion and other types of batteries, recycling of hazardous waste with the possibility of further use, production of composite nanomaterials for general use (removal of gaseous pollutants from exhaust gases of thermal power plants and cars, removal of pollutants from waste water, landfill remediation, electrochemical sensors for pollutant detection, etc.), application of pyrophyllite in medicine and pharmacy, electrical engineering, refractory industry, and many other industries.
Mr.sci.Jasmina Kustura

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