KOVOZBER, s.r.o.

KOVOZBER, s.r.o.

Spišská Nová Ves, Slovakia


The history of the company KOVOZBER, sro, dates back to 1992, where it started as a natural person in the field of loading and sale of steel scrap and non-ferrous metals. Due to the increasing needs of the market, the company has transformed into a legal form that has existed since 1996.

Our company has a wide range of activities, which consists of various business and commercial activities.

The main activity of the company is business in the field of metal waste management. We perform collection, purchase, collection, treatment, sorting and subsequent dispatch of a wide range of waste for all major customers. The company has permanent branches open in eight district cities, where we constantly provide our services not only to residents, but also provide a complete service for companies of supraregional importance.

We deal with the recycling of metallic (non-ferrous metals - Cu, Al) and non-metallic (plastics, tires, glass) waste on granulation lines and on a new line for glass processing.

The company has been the owner of ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certificates since 2002, which it regularly successfully defends. Another important direction that the company deals with is the recycling of cars and trucks, for which the company has all the authorization rights.

We also deal with the recycling of windows, doors and all building panels, from all kinds of materials, be it plastic, wood, aluminum and others.

The company also deals with demolition and liquidation work, where it has extensive experience in the liquidation of large buildings, structures, complex machinery, unnecessary technologies.

Another activity is the sale of technical gases, the company is a mandate of LINDE and 1.SPS, where it provides complete service, sales and distribution of all types of technical gases.

Another no less important activity is the sale of fuels from reputable suppliers, where we also offer the sale of additives.

We are preparing a new technology for the disposal and processing of catalysts.

Of course, these are not all activities that the company deals with, because the company is constantly evolving and new and new activities are added, about which we always want to inform visitors to our website regularly.

Internship possibilities

Current number of active applications
  • October 2022
  • November 2022
  • December 2022
  • 1 month
  • 2 months
Internship location
Spišská Nová Ves
Field work
Laboratory work
Required equipment
own notebook
Required education
  • civil engineering
  • waste management
Required skills and competences
- communicative level of English B1,B2
- basics word office: working with data, creating a database
- basics in circular management and waste management
- waste management methodology
- environmental metal recovery processes
- field work and laboratory work under the supervision of an instructor
- desire to learn new things
Ing. Ľubor Pavlík
Chief executive officer

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