OFZ, a.s.

OFZ, a.s.

Slovakia, Slovakia


OFZ, a.s. is a diversified manufacturer of ferroalloys, cored wires and silicon metal with over a 60-year history. Today, the company manufactures and offers its customers a wide range of manganese and silicon ferroalloys, cored wires with different powder fillers, different grades of silicon metal and by-products from the furnace dust and slag. OFZ is among the most important suppliers of ferroalloys for steelmakers & foundries in the Central Europe where roughly 90% of the production is sold. OFZ focuses on diversification strategy of manufacturing high value-added products and pursues waste-free management processes & technologies.

Since 2018, OFZ, a.s. has introduced Integrated Management System including Quality Management System pursuant to ISO 9001 (the first certification is dated back to 1994) and Environmental Management System pursuant to ISO 14001. Since 1996, OFZ has been an affiliate member and since 2004 a regular member of the European Association of Ferroalloys Producers - Euroalliages headquartered in Brussels. The company is a member of International Manganese Institute IMnI seated in Paris since 2000 and an affiliate member of CaSi Institute seated in Brussels since 2013.

Internship possibilities

Current number of active applications
  • December 2022
  • 1 month
Internship location
Field work
Laboratory work
Required equipment
Required education
  • metallurgy
Education (other)
Primary knowledge of metallurgy, metal casting, metal processing and subsequent secondary processing.
Required skills and competences
English level B2 and above,independent creative work,
responsible at work, willingness and desire to learn new things,loyal and reliable to the company
-performance of tasks on the basis of the manager's instruction
-learn the basic points of how a company works
Ing. Michal Balko
About supervisors
Head of production services

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