Mining institute Prijedor

Mining institute Prijedor

Prijedor, Bosnia & Herzegovina


Mining Institute Prijedor is a company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, founded in 1994, specializing in research, design and consulting in the field of mining, geology, environmental protection and fire protection with 15 employed engineers of various profiles in the field of mining, geology and ecology.
In the field of mining - over 120 projects (Main mining projects, Additional mining projects, Simplified mining projects, Economic feasibility studies), many project audits, mining inspections and Degraded land reclamation projects
In the field of geology - over 50 geological studies, over 60 projects of detailed geological research, about 30 development projects and studies.
In the field of ecology / environmental protection / over 100 expert papers in the field of environmental protection were prepared (environmental impact studies, activity plans, evidence for issuing environmental permits, strategic environmental impact assessments, monitoring reports) for various economic entities and various activities such as: exploitation of mineral resources, traffic infrastructure, entities dealing with waste management, production plants, combustion plants and more.

Internship possibilities

Current number of active applications
  • June 2022
  • July 2022
  • August 2022
  • September 2022
  • October 2022
  • November 2022
  • December 2022
  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 3 months
Internship location
Meše Selimivića bb, Prijedor Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Field work
Laboratory work
Required equipment
Required education
  • mining
  • geology
  • ecology/biology
Required skills and competences
Basic knowledge of the field for which he/she is studying.
Knowledge of working in basic computer programs (Word / Excell) and more advanced programs related to their education.
They will be involved in research and projects of the Institute. Which means touring the field and including field data in related projects.
Pero Radulović mining engineer,
Dr Ranko Cvijić geology engineer,
Nada Prerad technology engineer.

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