UP Catalyst

UP Catalyst

Tallinn, Estonia

UP Catalyst is an Estonian start-up with currently has 14 employees. companies started 3 years ago and were a spin-off company from Tartu university. we are producing carbon nanomaterial and graphite from CO2 and from biomass (lignin). for that, we have 2 key technologies - CO2 molten salt electrolysis and biomass carbonization and activation technologies. in the last 3 years, we have participated in several accelerators events and gained grants of up to 3 mil euros, including from EIT raw-materials and from EIT manufacturing. we have a wide range of partners in the EU and we are supplying carbon nanomaterial to institutes like Bologna university, University of Uulu, and London imperial college. 2023 will be a key year for UP Catalyst as we are finalizing the construction of our first t-scale reactor and starting new projects to scale the next steps of the production process. We currently have 5 Ph.D. and one doctoral student on our team. We are looking for people who can help us develop new materials and processes.

Internship possibilities

Current number of active applications
  • October 2022
  • November 2022
  • December 2022
  • 3 months
Internship location
Tallinn, Estonia
Field work
Laboratory work
Required equipment
Required education
  • chemistry
  • mechanical engineering
Education (other)
Bachelors, Masters, PhD
Required skills and competences
We require our students to possess basic chemistry safety skills because the main area where they will be working is the chemistry lab in Tallinn. They would need to contribute their knowledge to improve our processes and work on the subsequent phases of the company's growth. Additionally, basic computer skills in MS office are essential, as our primary data gathering and documentation are done in that software. it is beneficial to have a basic understanding of physical- and electrochemistry. students with mechanical engineering backgrounds should be able to produce sketches for new machinery.
Nanocarbon synthesis process upkeep, designing new processes for the synthesis reaction. We will have 3-5 grants a year, requiring interns to perform different takes.
Sander Trofimov, Production manager
dr. Einar Karu, R&D manager
About supervisors
Sander has a chemistry background and has worked in the automotive industry as a quality engineer. he is process-driven person and expects this from all of his employees.
´dr. Karu has graduated Max Plank institute of atmospheric chemistry and has driven up catalyst technology to the point of it being a game changer for the environmental.

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