Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)


Role in the project



TalTech has expertise in economic geology, exploration and environmental geochemistry, exploration geophysics, reserve estimation, environmental impact assessment, mining and geotechnical engineering, waste management, legal issues related to mining cycle, wider society learning programmes, social license to operate. In Raw Materials field, research and development are focused on next level on innovation and giving new mindset for researchers and entrepreneurs. Developing exploration technologies, mining techniques, post mining and mining waste utilization what also included oil shale ash usage, it also included collecting and systemization of data for geological and technological modelling of sustainable and environmentally acceptable mining and evaluation of geological reserves. In addition, including all Industry 4.0 fields with automation AI, VR and AR. The research group at Department of Geology deals with subjects concerning future mineral resources of Estonia and beyond, targeting issues related to genesis, distribution and physical-chemical characteristics of the potential deposits. Moreover, a number of projects dealing with environmental geology, enrichment technologies of mineral raw materials, as well as with the development of data systems for digital sharing of geological information, have been carried out during last few years.

Institutional project coordinator

Veiko Karu
Senior Project Manager, Department of Geology

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