Technical University of Kosice (TUKE)


Role in the project



TUKE has expertise in the following fields: : (1) Exploration (mine site exploration, GIS/CAD deposit visualization, demonstration tests); (2) Raw materials extraction (full resource utilization, energy optimized fragmentation, in-situ online resource diagnosis); (3) Closure rehabilitation (geotechnology, optimizing land use, turning liabilities into assets, innovation for materials handling, automatization, logistics optimization, process monitoring); (4) Resource processing and metallurgy (eco-effective fragmentation technologies, flotation, energy and water saving, environmental impact reduction, CO2 reduction, new processing methods, enrichment, systems for reuse and recycling); (5) Reuse and recycling (innovative processes turning waste into products, recycling of materials and better use of mineral resources); (6) Products and materials (new mineral product functionality, new application areas for mineral products, new efficient management of innovation, economy and management of earth sources); (7) Invisible mining (urban mining, minerals economy and societal issues, digital SMART factory, geoturism).

Institutional project coordinator

Assoc. prof. Andrea Rosova
Vice-dean for Education in the First and Second Level of University Education

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