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Role in the project



The ULIEGE GeMMe (GeMMe - Department of Minerals Engineering, Materials & Environment) research unit consists in a unique Belgian research group contributing to the development of innovative processes for an efficient management of mineral and metallic resources. Taking its roots in the traditional disciplines of mining, metallurgy, and civil engineering, the GeMMe now counts + 40 researchers and laboratory colleagues with unparalleled experience in urban ore characterization and processing (with a focus on innovative hydrometallurgy) derived from a long tradition in primary ores and mining. Key areas of expertise cover industrial solid wastes, end-of-life consumers goods and complex geo-resources. The ULIEGE GeMMe research unit detailed expertise comprises the development of:

  • (a) Automated Mineral Mapping Techniques;
  • (b) Process oriented characterization (Zeiss Mineralogic reference lab for EU);
  • (c) Smart sorting technologies (3D volumetry, multisensor online imaging VNIR, XRT, LIBS), sorting with picking robots and multivalve air injection;
  • (d) Laboratory to semi industrial pilot for all key steps of hydrometallurgy (normal and pressure leaching, solid/liquid separations, cementation, solvent extraction, ion exchange and electrowinning);
  • (e) Energy Efficient fragmentation and conditioning with Laboratory to semi industrial pilot for physical processing (instrumented ball mill, bottom driven flotation cells, high voltage pulse fragmentation, dry separation techniques).

Institutional project coordinator

Prof., Department of Georesources and GeoImaging

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