University of Zagreb - Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering (UNIZG-RGNF)


Role in the project

Coordinating partner, Leader of WP1 and WP5


About UNIZG-RGNF has expertise in economic geology, exploration and environmental geochemistry, exploration geophysics, reserve estimation, environmental impact assessment, mining and geotechnical engineering, waste etc. UNIZG-RGNF conducts scientific and industrial projects including 5 from H2020; 15 EIT from Raw Materials; 6 from Croatian science foundation; 6 from ESI funds. The institution is a member of European University of Post-Industrial Cities, EIT Raw materials, International consortium on landslides, CO2GeoNet, ENERG European Network for Research in Geo-Energy and ESEIA – European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance consortiums. Some of the key references include:

  1. Programme of the European institute for innovation and technology: Knowledge and Innovation Community for Raw materials (EIT KIC Raw materials), Associate member;
  2. Horizon 2020 project Research and Innovation Framework programme: Security of Explosives pan-European Specialists Network — EXERTER: Sustainability and Territories (June 2019 to May 2023);
  3. The European Social Fund within OP Human Resources development 2014-2020: InterRGN – Internationalization of the Faculty of Mining-Geology and Petroleum Engineering (November 2018 –October 2021);
  4. Horizon 2020 project Research and Innovation Framework programme: Strategic planning of regions and territories in Europe for lowcarbon energy and industry through CCUS - May 2019 to April 2022;
  5. Horizon 2020 project Research and Innovation Framework programme: MIN-GUIDE - Guidance for innovation friendly minerals policy in Europe (February 2016 to January 2019).

Institutional project coordinator

Prof. Sibila Borojević Šoštarić, PhD

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