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On this page, we will provide new information and documents for all internship participants, both interns and supervisors, to ensure everything goes smoothly. Stay tuned!

RIS-Internship programme is proudly supporting EIT labelled Master programmes.

You can find more information here: EIT Labelled Master Programmes (.pdf).

The following EIT-labelled master programmes offer both short (individual semesters) and long-term (entire degree course) opportunities for students in RIS countries. If you are interested in applying for any of these programmes, with financial support from  Eurasmus+, please contact the relevant people listed below.

SINReM (International Master of Science in Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management):

Raw materials are one of the fastest depleting resources on Earth. A sustainable supply of these materials is essential, and the outdated make-take-use-dispose model is no longer valid in a world of finite resources. In order to deal with this challenge, the SINReM programme was designed to educate a new generation of professionals who can design technologies to reinvent materials science and develop solutions for sustainable use of materials.


EMerald (Master in Resource Engineering):

EMerald programme created to answer the urgent need to create a resource-efficient Europe. EMerald aims to equip students with an entrepreneurial mind-set and a global vision of the value chain. The course focuses on two main aspects: bridging the gap between geological exploration and mineral processing by offering an innovative education in geometallurgy, and helping to close the loop in a resource-efficient way by graduating professionals who understand the need to meet targets in terms of recyclability and sustainability.


AMIR (Master in Advanced Materials: Innovative Recycling):

The AMIR programme explores the circularity end of the raw material value chain and particularly focuses on recycling. The programme aims to educate students to become highly-skilled professionals with expertise in advanced materials sciences and a variety of secondary raw materials streams and to instil a deep entrepreneurial mind-set from a  wealth of businesses, incubators, innovation services and industry contributors that make up the programme.


TIMREX (T-shaped Master in Innovative Mineral Resource Exploration):

TIMREX is joint master’s degree in mineral resource exploration with add-on innovation and entrepreneurship skills. The programme has a strong emphasis on field activities and on the application of innovative exploration techniques and solutions. Intensive fieldwork is expected from the students during the summer period between the first and second years of study. 

Students will develop their entrepreneurship, innovative and socio-civic skills, with strong support from industrial and research partners. Specialisations: ore mineral exploration, geophysical methods and instrumentation for exploration, prospecting and exploration of non-metallic mineral resources, applied skills in mining geology.


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